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who are we?

VARIETY RELYT is a home for inspiration, creativity, innovation and elegance. Digital Design is our safe place and building a chic and established brand for the unique individual or organization is our passion. Dedicated to finding that sweet silver lining that makes your brand stand out with elevated and custom designs, VR focuses on progressing your brand and making clean cut and precise designs that will turn your competitor's heads. 


Dedicated to building a chic, innovative and unique brand and design for every individual and organization. 


Media design is an art and it must be precise and fine-tuned to fit your specific brand, audience and overall goal.


Design is the future and Variety Relyt focuses on helping every client progress towards a more innovative persona with elegant designs dedicated to the outlook of their brand. 

Services we provide

Brand Development

We offer extensive brand development and remodeling. If you're looking to reinvent your brand or just to update a few things, we have a plan just for you. From logos, color schemes, mission statements and more. We look at updating your profile, social media presence and update your appearance to your audience. VARIETY RELYT works with its clients to put together a plan for your brand that is bound to yield success.  

Social Media Strategy

Social Media is our love language. We offer social media plans that will help boost your followers, give you innovative content ideas and develop the best ways for you to gain outreach and share your brand with multiple platforms. Using Canva as a design and scheduling tool, V.R. uses Canva to create designs to boost your social media presence.  

Content Creation 

VARIETY RELYT offers full content creation services ranging from graphics, newsletters, marketing strategies and more. We create elegant graphics and content using Canva as a design and scheduling platform. Our content creation has no limitation, servicing clients with content creation for all platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. 

Web Design

Web design is an art. VARIETY RELYT focuses on creating stylish and elegant websites for our clients. If you're looking for something simplistic and informative or extensive and innovative, we're the company for you. 

Digital Media Design

Here at V.R. we believe that any form of media can inspire creativity. With passion, precision and progression, we offer a variety of digital media designs. Ranging from newsletters, flyers, logos, websites, book and album covers, highlight reel covers and more. 


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